Why resort to professional translators?
Don't take a chance!

1.    Communication is everything. If a message is conveyed in the wrong way (due to a bad translation, for example), the consequences could be very serious. What if a patient were prescribed inappropriate treatment as a result of a translation mistake in a medical text? What if a trial verdict were conditioned by a mistake in a legal text? These are extreme cases, but a bad translation always compromises your personal or professional image (in the best case scenario!).

2.    The translating process is far more complex than it is usually considered. In order to translate at a professional level, a high qualification is required, way beyond the mere knowledge of two languages: expertise in terminology, documentation, grammar, syntax, writing, translation strategies and computing is indispensable, as well as a broad general knowledge and, depending on the text type and degree of specialization, solid background knowledge of any imaginable discipline. 

3.    Translation often helps companies broaden their markets. Individuals also reach very diverse goals thanks to translation. A translated text, as well as an original one, is much more than just ink and paper (or a few megabytes on a computer hard drive). A professional translation always carries out its mission; it is a profitable investment. However, an amateur translation is often a waste of money, and it even takes its toll twice sometimes. This article about the huge cost of spelling mistakes can give you an idea. And it's just the simplest error a text can contain!

4.  Professional translators guarantee you total satisfaction, not only because of the quality product you are provided, but because of their reliability regarding everything involved in the service: they always deliver on time and they are at your disposal should any question arise. 

Don't take the chance! Look for competitive rates when hiring translation services, but mind the quality!